Tracey and Me after a workout at the gym where we first met.

The Curious & Curiouser Podcast is a project birthed out of an impromptu tea date with a friend following a workout at the gym where we met. This friend, Tracey Biebel, also happens to be a brilliant woman with her own private therapy practice (go here or here to find her online) and someone with whom I share a similar worldview in spite of our very different backgrounds.

After a short conversation we discovered we’d both been itching to start a podcast, and quickly realized it made much more sense for us to combine our geniuses by collaborating on one podcast that might be of benefit to both our audiences.

Hence, Curious & Curiouser was born.

Our show covers everything from body image to nutrition and fitness to motherhood and parenting to relationships and sex. We talk very openly and honestly about all these topics. And, yes, we use adult language in most of the episodes as well. If you’re looking for a place to hear some unfiltered conversations about the uncertainty and craziness of this human existence thing, you might just love this podcast.

This page is where you’ll find a list of every podcast episode, with links to where you can listen. The list will be updated weekly as new episodes air every other Wednesday. You can also find all episodes of the podcast on iTunes. If you love it, please subscribe to have access as soon as new content is released and consider leaving us a 5-star review as well. And hey, because sharing is caring, tell a friend (or twelve) about the show, too. Thanks!

Podcast Episode Archive

APRIL 2019

Episode 96:  Projection, Procrastination, Shame, & Ignoring the Elephants in Our Rooms

Episode 97:  Podcasting, Privacy, Success, & Why You Should Start Before You’re Ready

MARCH 2019

Episode 95:  On Being Adult Babies & the Hidden Magic of Being Boring

Episode 94:  The Unsexy Truth About Changing Your Life & Why the Process is More Important Than the Outcome

Episode 93:  What If That’s Not Yours to Carry? How to Stop Taking on Other People’s Problems & the Healing Power of Being Witnessed in Your Pain


Episode 92:  Magic, Healing, Intergenerational Wounds, & Why Taking Care of Yourself Isn’t Self-Indulgent

Episode 91:  People Pleasing, Setting Boundaries, & Why You Are Allowed to Change Your Mind

Episode 90:  How Tidying Up With Marie Kondo Might Lead to Divorce, an Identity Crisis, & Becoming Your Best Self

Episode 89:  How the Substances (& Media) We Consume Affect Us in Ways We Don’t Always Realize They Do


Episode 88:  Healthy Masculinity, Shame, & Our Thoughts on That Gillette Ad

Episode 87:  Anxiety, Your Amygdala, & Being a Highly Sensitive Person

Episode 86:  Train Your Body, Train Your Mind — How Physical Discomfort Builds Emotional, Psychological, & Cognitive Resilience

Episode 85:  Resistance, Rejection, & How Anxiety Can Help You Grow

Episode 84:  Non-Tangible Signs of Growth, Being Your Own Guinea Pig, & Intention-Setting as Self-Experimentation


Episode 83:  Toxic People, Bids For Connection, & How to Cultivate Resonance in Relationships

Episode 82:  Prioritizing Sex, Seeing Yourself As a Sexual Being, & Rekindling the Spark in Long-Term Relationships

Episode 81:  Advice For Our Younger Selves


Episode 80:  On Being a Good Listener, Embracing the Awkward Silence, & Slowing Down to Resolve Conflict

Episode 79:  You Don’t Have to Put Up With Nonsense & Other Truths About the Holidays

Episode 78:  When Tragedy Strikes Someone You Love & How to Empathize Without Surrendering Your Joy


Episode 77:  On Recovering From Infidelity & Betrayal, & Navigating Jealousy in Relationships

Episode 76:  Self-Trust, Ignoring the Noise, & Why It’s Okay If People Don’t Like You

Episode 75:  Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court, & Where We Go From Here

Episode 74:  The Upside to Stress & Why Discomfort is Essential to Growth


Episode 73:  Grief, Depression, Motherhood, & New Rites of Passage for Women

Episode 72:  On Feminism, High Heels, Toxic Masculinity, Abortion Rights, & the Sex Industry

Episode 71:  Emotional Labor, Conflict in Relationships, & Why We Need to be Willing to Rock the Boat

Episode 70:  Breakups, Self-Forgiveness, & Why We Aren’t Entitled to Closure


Episode 69:  Approval-Seeking, External vs. Internal Rest, Meditation, & Why It’s Okay to Stay Small Sometimes

Episode 68:  Money, Shame, & Why Financial Literacy is Essential for Women

JULY 2018

Episode 67:  15 Tips to Make Dating Not Suck & Relationships More Fulfilling

Episode 66:  Dating, Personality, Femininity, & Why It Might Be Okay That You’re Like That

JUNE 2018

Episode 65:  Body Image, Beauty Ideals, & the Moralization of Physical Appearance

Episode 64:  Emotional Neglect, Success, Striving, & What Our Society Gets Wrong About Happiness

Episode 63:  Energy Leaks, Relinquishing Control, & Staying in Your Sphere of Influence

MAY 2018

Episode 62:  Growing Up in a Conservative Evangelical Community with Special Guest Staci Humphrey

Episode 61:  Women, Alcohol, & the Glamorization of Drinking

Episode 60:  Diet Culture, Ketogenic Diet, Weight Bias in Medicine, & Diversity in the Wellness Industry

Episode 59:  Pelvic Floor Health, Core Strength, Diaphragmatic Breathing, & Postpartum Recovery

Episode 58:  Science, Religion, Spiritual Bypass, & Why We Want to Believe in Something

APRIL 2018

Episode 57:  Unhealthy Relationship Dynamics & How to Recognize When You’re Playing Victim, Rescuer, or Persecutor

Episode 56:  Loneliness, Self-Reliance, & Why It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Episode 55:  How Anxiety REALLY Feels & Why Deep Breathing Might Not Be the Answer

Episode 54:  Identity, Ego, Existential Crises, & How We Define Ourselves Over Time

MARCH 2018

Episode 53:  Rejection, Bullying, & Why It’s Okay Not to Like People

Episode 52:  Why You Are Allowed to Feel Overwhelmed Regardless of Your Circumstances

Episode 51:  Why We Procrastinate & What To Do About It

Episode 50:  Resilience, Struggle, Masculinity, & How We Talk About Mental Health


Episode 50:  Gender, Feminism, Inclusivity, & Why Your Story Matters

Episode 48:  Trust, Nuance, & the Sex Industry

Episode 47:  On Confidence, Ego, Orgasm, & How Good Sex is Like Improv with Stacey Hallal

Episode 46:  Flow, Play, & the Benefits of Creativity


Episode 45:  Bad Sex, Female Pleasure, & Aziz Ansari

Episode 44:  Political Correctness, Feminism, & Why Humor is Essential

Episode 43:  What to Do When You Feel Lazy, Incompetent, or Unattractive, & How to Start Changing Your Story

Episode 42:  Codependence, Emotional Maturity, & How to Stop Taking Everything So Personally

Episode 41:  Fear, Intuition, & Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone


Episode 40:  Rituals, Resolutions, & Woo

Episode 39:  Pornography, Masturbation, & Shame

Episode 38:  Socially Decluttering Family, Grey Couch People, & Managing Expectations in Relationships


Episode 37:  Being an Introvert in an Extroverted World & How to Know When It’s Time to Quit

Episode 36:  Burnout, Sandbagging, & the Truth About Balance

Episode 35:  PMS, Periods, Hormones, & Making Your Menstrual Cycle Your Ally

Episode 34:  How to Navigate Challenging Family Dynamics, Set Clear Boundaries, & Actually Enjoy the Holidays This Year


Episode 33:  Chaos, Fear, & Relinquishing Control

Episode 32:  How Social Media Hijacks Your Brain (& What To Do About It)

Episode 31:  Sexual Harassment, Social Awkwardness, & Gender Roles

Episode 30:  Willpower is a Lie  & Other Truths About Habit Change

Episode 29:  How to Make Friends as an Adult & Why It’s Okay to Ruffle Some Feathers Along the Way


Episode 28:  On Mean Girls, Jealousy, & Taking Radical Responsibility for Your Life

Episode 27:  Should You Follow Your Passion? Maybe Not. Here’s Why.

Episode 26:  Sex, Religion, Desire, & Why We Need to Talk About Pleasure

Episode 25:  Spirituality, God, & How to Talk to Your Kids About Death


Episode 24:  Divorce, Leaving Mormonism, & Things We Regret

Episode 23:  Dating, Authenticity, & Social Decluttering Revisited

Episode 22:  Gourmet Twinkies, Personal Growth, & the Self-Help Rabbit Hole

Episode 21:  Envy, Social Media, & Why We Feel Compelled to Compare Ourselves to Others

Episode 20:  On Bad Advice, Body Composition, & Crossfit

JULY 2017

Episode 19:  Can We Have It All?

Episode 18:  Breakups, Breakdowns, & the Fallacy of Bad Emotions

Episode 17:  Open Relationships, Marriage, & Making Your Own Rules

Episode 16:  How to Building Confidence, Listen to Your Intuition, and Learn to Trust Yourself

JUNE 2017

Episode 15:  Success and Self-Employment with Liz Winters, NTP

Episode 14:  Food, Mindful Eating, and Emotional Bananas with Liz Winters, NTP

Episode 13:  Mental Health Therapy and Acupuncture as Tools for Transformation

Episode 12:  The Stories We Tell Ourselves

MAY 2017

Episode 11:  Self Care for Real Life

Episode 10:  Relationships & Attachment Styles

Episode 9:  What is Manifesting?

Episode 8:  Sex Myths Debunked

Episode 7:  Sex & Desire

APRIL 2017

Episode 6:  Body Image Revisited

Episode 5:  Owning Your Crazy

Episode 4:  Social Decluttering

Episode 3:  Motherhood

Episode 2:  Body Image

Episode 1:  Why Curiosity?