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The Curious & Curiouser Podcast is a project birthed out of an impromptu tea date with a friend following a workout at the gym where we met. This friend, Tracey Biebel, also happens to be a brilliant woman with her own private therapy practice (go here or here to find her online) and someone with whom I share a similar worldview in spite of our very different backgrounds.

After a short conversation we discovered we’d both been itching to start a podcast, and quickly realized it made much more sense for us to combine our geniuses by collaborating on one podcast that might be of benefit to both our audiences.

Hence, Curious & Curiouser was born.

Our show covers everything from body image to nutrition and fitness to motherhood and parenting to relationships and sex. We talk very openly and honestly about all these topics. And, yes, we use adult language in most of the episodes as well. If you’re looking for a place to hear some unfiltered conversations about the uncertainty and craziness of this human existence thing, you might just love this podcast.

This page is where you’ll find a list of every podcast episode, with links to where you can listen. The list will be updated weekly as new episodes air each Wednesday. You can also find all episodes of the podcast on iTunes. If you love it, please subscribe to have access as soon as new content is released and consider leaving us a 5-star review as well. And hey, because sharing is caring, tell a friend (or twelve) about the show, too. Thanks!

Episode Archive

JUNE 2017

Episode 15:  Success and Self-Employment with Liz Winters, NTP

Episode 14:  Food, Mindful Eating, and Emotional Bananas with Liz Winters, NTP

Episode 13:  Mental Health Therapy and Acupuncture as Tools for Transformation

Episode 12:  The Stories We Tell Ourselves

MAY 2017

Episode 11:  Self Care for Real Life

Episode 10:  Relationships & Attachment Styles

Episode 9:  What is Manifesting?

Episode 8:  Sex Myths Debunked

Episode 7:  Sex & Desire

APRIL 2017

Episode 6:  Body Image Revisited

Episode 5:  Owning Your Crazy

Episode 4:  Social Decluttering

Episode 3:  Motherhood

Episode 2:  Body Image

Episode 1:  Why Curiosity?