Curious & Curiouser Podcast, Episode 58: Science, Religion, Spiritual Bypass, & Why We Want to Believe in Something

This week’s episode of the podcast came about after an impromptu rant by me recounting my spiritual trajectory thus far in my life and my admission that I feel a little bit lost right now with regard to what I believe.

In this conversation, Tracey and I ask the question:  Why do we want to believe in something? We both explore our spiritual and religious histories, including my journey from Mormonism to atheism to Buddhism, and Tracey’s path from pop culture Christianity to Paganism and humanism as an adult.

This discussion also touches on the law of attraction, manifestation, and some of the problems Tracey and I see with new age spirituality, including a failure to acknowledge the important role of privilege and systemic oppression.

This is an honest, open, vulnerable conversation, and Tracey and I hope it serves as an example of how much we are continuing to grow and in evolve in our lives over time.

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  • Tracey’s and my own spiritual trajectories
  • Episode 57 & does any one thing have all the answers?
  • Is there anything from my background in Mormonism that still resonates?
  • Spiritual bypass and law of attraction, and my concerns about these approaches
  • What is the role of privilege, bias, and luck in our belief systems?
  • On passive vs. active spirituality
  • The role of materialism in new age spirituality
  • Is there truth in the law of attraction?
  • Can science become dogmatic?
  • Why do we want to believe in something? Why is the unknown so uncomfortable?
  • How believing in something can help us feel connected and why I have been feeling disconnected lately
  • The importance of ritual for both Tracey and me, and why you don’t have to buy in 100% to benefit from a spiritual approach
  • How visualization can be helpful
  • Is it okay to have some absurd beliefs? When can absurd beliefs become dangerous?
  • Have we offended you? Let us know! Please!
  • And more!

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