Curious & Curiouser Podcast, Episode 36: Burnout, Sandbagging, & the Truth About Balance

On this episode of Curious & Curiouser, Tracey and I are asking the question:

How do you know when you need to push yourself a little bit more and when you actually need to rest?

This is a question both Tracey and I find ourselves asking on a regular basis in our own lives, and even more so in recent weeks. In this conversation, we talk about how to identify burnout, how to deal with burnout when it arises, and why the idea that we can ever achieve perfect balance is a myth.

Tracey talks about how winter in Portland affects her — especially the long hours of darkness — and I talk about why I believe vacations are so important — especially for anyone who works in a service-based profession, is self-employed, or both.

If you have been feeling burned out lately, this episode is for you. Also:  You are not alone. We promise.

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Highlights from this episode:

  • Are we sandbagging or are we actually exhausted? How do we tell the difference?
  • Are we just being lazy or do we need to rest and recover?
  • When was the last time Tracey took a whole week off work? What do I think about this?
  • Why vacations and unplugging from work are important
  • Feelings of guilt about taking time off
  • The struggle to take vacations when you are self-employed, especially in a culture that celebrates overworking
  • Getting curious about our feelings of burnout
  • The problem with staying plugged in when you’re on vacation and the importance of making yourself unavailable at least once a year
  • Using your email auto-reply and your voicemail outgoing message to your advantage in order to avoid burnout
  • Can you feel burnout from housework and cooking?
  • Stella’s Kitchen and Sun Basket
  • How I adjust my schedule in order to facilitate vacation
  • The importance of knowing your threshold and not comparing yourself to others
  • How the weather in the PNW contributes to feelings of burnout
  • How Tracey is using the app controlled lightbulbs to help her battle winter blues
  • What Chinese medicine says about seasonal changes and the urge to rest more in the winter
  • Being resentful of our own choices
  • Why finding your limits sometimes requires going past them
  • Is it ok to burn out sometimes?
  • Balance vs. alignment, and why we need to zoom the lens out when we talk about balance
  • Why Balance is Elusive But Alignment is Essential on my website
  • And more!

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