Curious & Curiouser Podcast, Episode 50: Resilience, Struggle, Masculinity, & How We Talk About Mental Health

Today’s episode of the podcast evolved out of an article Tracey wrote recently to address what she believes the connection is between mental health and gun violence. I highly recommend reading that article here either before or after listening to the episode.

The conversation Tracey and I have around these ideas is potentially sensitive, and includes mention of eating disorders, cutting, suicide, gun violence, and other possibly triggering topics, so please approach this episode with that in mind.

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Highlights from this episode:

  • Atlantic article about mental illness
  • The importance of normalizing struggle and so-called negative emotions
  • Acting out towards ourselves or others
  • How our culture defines masculinity
  • Resilience, confidence, and growth mindset vs set mindset
  • The role of insurance companies in the mental health field and how the medical model can limit access to care
  • Gun Violence and the Mental Health Connection on Tracey’s website
  • Tracey’s and my experience with unhealthy coping habits
  • How Tracey’s relationship with her mom affected her emotional experience as a kid
  • Tracey’s and my experiences with constipation as a manifestation of emotional repression
  • My experience with cutting and Tracey’s experience treating young adults who cut
  • Why parents need to model the full spectrum of emotions for their children and show them struggle is normal
  • And more!

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