Curious & Curiouser Podcast, Episode 8: Sex Myths Debunked

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Another episode of the podcast is here! This week, Tracey and I are continuing our conversation from last week, debunking some myths floating around about sex, sexual pleasure, and our bodies.

We decided to continue this discussion after the House of Representatives passed the healthcare bill last week — a bill that left both of us feeling extremely disappointed and pretty fired up. We recorded this episode the day after the bill passed, and we get a little political at the beginning of the conversation, not holding back our opinions on the subject.

Many of the provisions in this new bill indicate that healthcare for women is once again under threat (as is healthcare for many other populations), and we both feel very strongly that we need all hands on deck to prevent this terrible piece of legislation from becoming law.

So let’s not shy away from conversations about women’s bodies or sexuality or sexual pleasure or desire. Let’s talk about these things openly and often.

Hopefully, this conversation can be a starting point for clearing up some misconceptions about these topics and encourage more dialogue in your life on these subjects as well. Enjoy!

Highlights from this episode include:

  • How Tracey and I felt after learning about the healthcare bill passed by the House of Representatives
  • Why we should talk about sex, vaginas, and female bodies more openly
  • Does having an STI mean someone is dirty or careless or slutty?
  • What happened when Tracey asked for STI testing at her doctor’s office
  • Discomfort around getting tested for STIs
  • What does it mean to “lose” your virginity?
  • Thoughts about hymens and purity and all the lies we’re told about these things
  • How do we assess purity for men?
  • Should we fake orgasms and/or pleasure?
  • The relationship between lubrication, erections, and sexual arousal (i.e. arousal concordance)
  • Is a longer sex session always preferable?
  • What if nobody has an orgasm?
  • Do all women orgasm during intercourse? Can every woman have a clitoral orgasm?
  • And more!

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