Curious & Curiouser Podcast, Episode 91: People Pleasing, Setting Boundaries, & Why You Are Allowed to Change Your Mind

people pleasing

Today’s episode is all about boundaries. What ARE boundaries? What does setting boundaries actually look like? Tracey and I explore these questions and more in this wide-ranging conversation. We talk about why knowing what you want is the first step in setting boundaries, people pleasing and martyrdom, why having boundaries will make other people uncomfortable (especially if they have poor boundaries), and how to help your kids establish boundaries by modeling healthy behavior.

Other topics discussed include:

  • How boundaries are simple in theory but challenging in practice
  • Is it okay if your partner only goes to counseling because you want them to?
  • How people pleasing leads to resentment
  • Starting to set boundaries after many years in the same relationship
  • Family Systems Theory
  • Why you get to change your mind at any time
  • You’re responsible for setting boundaries and for not taking advantage of others
  • Why you have to know yourself in order to set boundaries
  • Different types of boundaries
  • Why people who don’t have healthy boundaries won’t like yours
  • Boundaries and social decluttering
  • Modeling healthy boundaries for your children
  • Understanding boundaries intellectually vs. actually living with boundaries
  • What does it mean if we’re afraid to have boundaries?
  • Why you shouldn’t force your kids to hug people?
  • How to learn to listen to your intuition in order to know what you want
  • Basic human rights and signs of weak boundaries
  • Do you have to trust the other person at the beginning of a relationship?
  • And more!

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