Curious & Curiouser Podcast, Episode 86: Train Your Body, Train Your Mind — How Physical Discomfort Builds Emotional, Psychological, & Cognitive Resilience


This week’s conversation is all about how physical discomfort can enhance our capacity to tolerate emotional, psychological, and cognitive discomfort. Specifically, we’re asking the question:  Why is pushing outside your comfort zone on a regular basis important?

Topics discussed include:

  • Practicing physical discomfort
  • How Crossfit helped Tracey gain confidence to get divorced
  • How long distance running helped Cayly get through the initial phases of starting a business
  • Physical discomfort and limiting beliefs
  • Why therapy is supposed to be uncomfortable some of the time
  • Why discomfort is necessary for change
  • Letting children be uncomfortable to build resilience
  • How Cayly’s dad pushed her towards to discomfort and why she’s so thankful for these lessons
  • Discomfort and self-compassion enhance each other
  • Why it can be helpful to have a coach to push us into discomfort and help us find our limits
  • When therapy becomes enabling
  • The limits of discomfort are different for different people on different days
  • When discomfort becomes detrimental — chronic stress
  • Cognitive discomfort and being tolerant of opinions that differ from our own
  • Why having your opinions challenged/influenced is so uncomfortable
  • Why nothing shocks Tracey and Cayly at this point in their practices and why they like to explore the dark and twisty stuff with their clients/patients
  • Voluntary vs. involuntary discomfort
  • Why it’s important not to rescue our children or partners from discomfort
  • And more!

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