Curious & Curiouser Podcast, Episode 90: How Tidying Up With Marie Kondo Might Lead To Divorce, an Identity Crisis, & Becoming Your Best Self

marie kondo

Today’s conversation is all about habit change, identity, Marie Kondo, & how small changes can have big impacts in our lives. Also:  What Tracey and I believe is missing from the cultural conversation around building better habits and letting shit go. Specifically, the questions we’re asking are:  What prevents us from sustaining change? How do we get in our own way?

Topics discussed include:

  • Tracey’s and my experiences with the Marie Kondo method
  • How small changes have big impacts
  • Letting go of old identities
  • The relationship between identity and habit change
  • Feeling your brain change as you adopt new habits
  • How decluttering your house can declutter your brain, life, etc.
  • Changing your story about who you are
  • Why is habit change not sustainable? What’s being missed in the conversation?
  • Congruency and alignment and habit change
  • Ending relationships — both familial and romantic
  • How getting divorced required Tracey to update her identity
  • How cultivating a long term relationship required me to let go of my identity as a single person
  • Why changing your identity is work and why you WILL fall back into old patterns
  • How we reject part of ourselves
  • Manifesting and identity
  • And more!

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