Curious & Curiouser Podcast, Episode 97: Podcasting, Privacy, Success, & Why You Should Start Before You’re Ready


As the podcast winds to a close, Tracey and I wanted to take some time to discuss our reasons for starting the podcast, what it’s brought into our lives (hint:  not fame or fortune), and why we’re choosing to discontinue making it. We also talk about why you should just do the thing already, why personal projects are still worthwhile even if nobody knows about them, and why we should all ask ourselves more often:  Why am I doing this?

Specific topics include:

  • Why we started the podcast
  • How do we define success?
  • How do we determine if something is worthwhile to pursue, especially creatively?
  • The barrier to entry is not as big as we think it is
  • Epiphanies we’ve had on the podcast
  • How doing the podcast has positively impacted our businesses
  • Why listening to my own voice has been healing for me
  • Self-judgment and the inner critic
  • How we hold ourselves back from doing what we want to do
  • You’re not for everybody
  • How putting a lot of personal information out there has benefited our businesses
  • Building confidence by trying things out
  • On seeing yourself as a leader
  • It’s still valuable if it’s not a giant commercial success
  • It’s not always about money or prestige or exposure
  • Personal projects kept private are still worthwhile
  • Protecting privacy
  • Social media and small business
  • Why Tracey has taken a step back from social media
  • Tracey and my new writing projects and how we are both getting in our own ways
  • Would we recommend starting a podcast?
  • Are you doing the thing to impress other people or because you actually want to do the thing?
  • Why are we discontinuing the podcast?
  • If you resent the thing, it might be time to move on
  • And more!

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