Curious & Curiouser, Episode 20: On Bad Advice, Body Composition, & Crossfit

Get ready for a little ranting from Tracey and me on this week’s episode of the podcast. Because we were feeling a little feisty when this was recorded and eager to clear up some misinformation we recently heard from well known Crossfit coach, Ben Bergeron, regarding nutrition and body composition.

Which brings us to the overarching question(s) for today’s show:

How do you filter out not helpful information from so-called experts regarding fitness and health? And what’s the downside to the amount of access we have to a plethora of information about health, fitness, and nutrition on the internet?

This is gonna be good.

Tracey and I start by debunking Ben’s claims about body fat percentage, call out the American Heart Association for distributing false claims about coconut oil, and highlight the inaccuracy and glaring biases that play out in the new Netflix documentary What The Health.

We’re also talking about the problems with internet “experts” and celebrity trainers, who are often handing out less-than-awesome advice regarding nutrition to millions of women around the world. We then share our favorite, trusted resources for accurate information about health, fitness, and food, and talk about why neither of us are particularly interested in achieving a six-pack anytime soon.

Enjoy! And share this conversation (ahem, rant) far and wide, because the information presented here is important and is especially timely considering the start of the Crossfit games coincides with the release of this episode.

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Highlights from this episode:

This week, I’d like to do a recap of our Pixie Project pets so far highlighted on the podcast to celebrate those who have found new homes and to give the others another chance to be spotlighted. Here goes:

First, our successful adoptions:

JERRY, the 10 year-old toy poodle who was our first ever pet sponsor, BON BON, the adorable black lab mix with whom I immediately fell in love, COUSETTE, the beautiful 12 year-old kitten lady, and CRUMPET, the sweet 1 year-old black mouth cur from a few weeks back, all have adoptions pending! Hooray! I could’t be happier about this. And if you are one of the lovely folks taking these furry creatures home and you’re listening to the show, let us know! We’d love to give you a shout out on the next episode to say thank you!

Still available for adoption are these adorable animals:

BERNICE:  this sweet, 14 year-old cat is still in foster care after her owner had to be moved to a nursing home. She’s beautiful and mellow and easy to please.

LUNA:  the adorable, 7 year-old maltese shih tzu mix, who is blind and amazing and can’t wait to join your family. PLEASE adopt her. You know you want to, and I desperately want to find her a home.

TOFFEE:  the cutest 2 year-old, doxie mix weighing in at 16lbs. Toffee is a little shy at first, but loves to play once she warms up. She would make the perfect hiking companion and would do well with another dog in the home also.

CALLIE:  a super mellow 7 year-old cat who just wants someone to snuggle and brush her. Who can say no to that, right?

OLIVER:  a 2 year-old fluffy kitty friend weighing in at 13lbs. Oliver is shy, but super respectful of other animals, the perfect addition to your home.

JANE and ELIZABETH:  a pair of 18 month old sisters cats who are very bonded and, therefore, come as a pair. Which is purrfect, because everyone knows that two cats are better than one!

MARKY MARK:  a 4 year-old chihuahua mix who wants to makes bad 90s music videos and then snuggles the day away. He’s super social and can’t wait to meet you!

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