Breathwork is a form of active meditation that utilizes an intentional 3-part breath pattern to clear out emotional clutter, increase body awareness, facilitate clarity, and shift unconscious patterns that keep us stuck. It is a self-healing modality that encourages the release of strong emotions, connects you to yourself, enhances creativity, and clears space for transformation to take place. I find that it is particularly powerful in times of uncertainty, stagnation, and heightened emotion of any kind, as it helps us move through whatever feelings arise instead of getting stuck in any one emotional state.

Breathing is the only function in the body we can perform both consciously and unconsciously. For this reason, deliberate and focused breathwork has profound effects on both the physical and emotional state of the body. It helps you disengage from your logical brain and tune in more deeply to your intuition, leaving you feeling lighter, more open, and grounded.

My personal experience of breathwork has been profound, particularly in the ways it has allowed me to shift my relationship to and experience of anxiety, enabling me to cultivate a sense of inner calm I never thought possible for myself. I have also found it to be an invaluable tool when faced with a challenging decision or when I am seeking greater clarity about some aspect of my life or my work.

The magic of breathwork is its accessibility as well. You are the one breathing. You are the one doing the work. You are the one in charge. I am simply here as an observer and a facilitator of the process.

I have studied breathwork with both David Elliot and Erin Telford, and spent much of 2018 and 2019 doing a deep dive into this practice as a student of the work over several weekends. I began leading breathwork as a facilitator in the summer of 2019, and have worked with both groups and individuals. In addition, my near-decade of experience as an acupuncturist greatly informs my capacity to hold space for this practice.

To schedule a session or to ask additional questions about breathwork in general, please email me through my contact page here. You can also schedule online here. For the time being, in light of the COVID-19 situation, all breathwork sessions will be virtual and will take place over Skype or Zoom. While in-person sessions are always optimal, I have found that profound healing can occur virtually as well.