Curious & Curiouser Podcast, Episode 85: Resistance, Rejection, & How Anxiety Can Help You Grow


In this week’s episode, Tracey and I are talking all about resistance and are asking the following questions: What if you don’t feel like it? Should you do it anyway?

Specific topics include:

  • Being in a funk in the new year
  • My short period of depression at the end of last year
  • How sitting in the funk can become a habit
  • Why we resistance is normal and why we resist doing things we actually really care about
  • How the big picture heaviness can exacerbate our everyday heaviness
  • Self-sabotage and getting in our own way
  • Why wanting to do the easier thing is normal
  • Why we can always find the time and energy for things that are important to us
  • How family of origin stuff can play into perpetuating resistance
  • How resistance can be self-protective
  • How letting go is actually really hard even if it’s cathartic
  • How clutter can be helpful
  • Physical & emotional pain as experienced in your brain
  • Figuring out how to know when to rest & when to do it anyway
  • How to deal with kids who “don’t feel like it”
  • Why the thing we’re resisting can be the thing that will also make us feel better
  • Anxiety and self-employment
  • Anxiety as an adaptive response
  • And more!

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