Curious & Curiouser Podcast, Episode 17: Marriage, Open Relationships, and Making Your Own Rules

This week on the podcast, Tracey and I are revisiting the topic of relationships and diving into some potentially uncomfortable territory to talk about the possibility of creating rules in your relationship that fall outside the box of societal expectations.


The question we’re addressing throughout the entirety of the conversation is:

What happens when you get curious about the kind of relationship you really want and make space for the idea that the answer might be unconventional?

Getting in touch with your desires and designing a relationship with your partner — or multiple partners — that takes all of those desires into account can be a scary but ultimately liberating process. In today’s episode, Tracey and I discuss the ways in which this process might unfold over time and offer advice about how to initiate a dialogue with your partner that might be challenging and bring with it a ton of discomfort for both of you.

We’re also talking about how we define a successful relationship and exploring the ways in which our culture often gets this definition wrong.

This conversation is SO GOOD, y’all. Seriously. And there are SO MANY amazing resources offered up — all of which are provided with links in the show notes below.

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Highlights from this weeks’ episode include:

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