“I had never had acupuncture before and I am very scared of needles. Upon meeting with Cayly and talking with her I felt so comfortable and relaxed. I have anxiety issues and wanted to try a more natural way of dealing with it than medication. She listened and asked questions to better understand me and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. She has such a gentle touch and explains what she’s doing. I had never FELT stress leave my body before that day and I think it was just magical! <3”

~Megan P.



“Outstanding. I made an appointment to treat a specific injury, but by the time it arrived I was also in the thick of serious emotional pain. Cayly was attentive, considerate, thoughtful, and compassionate. It was certainly the most intense session I’ve ever had, but I felt cared for and safe. I was in skilled and capable hands.”

~Erin H.



“I was already a believer in acupuncture and Eastern medicine, but Cayly explained it in a way that was so easy for me to understand. She is extremely caring and compassionate and treated the cause of the problems and not just the symptoms. She is invested in your healing and I felt immediate results because of it. Thanks so much, Cayly!”

~Ruth R.


“I don’t want to get into my life story here but some deets that are relevant: I have had multiple joint surgeries, and have all sorts of bone, muscle and connective tissue issues. I also can’t take any pain medication at all. I was at the end of my rope with severe pain, a limp, and unable to walk more than five blocks.

And then…cue angelic choir…Cayly. !!!!!!!!!

We started our little health and healing adventure in January. When we started I couldn’t walk without a cane. I have since lost said cane – seriously, no idea where I left it – because of her healing touch.

We work collaboratively. She is the most amazing listener I’ve met in the last decade – truly, nothing and no one else exists while you are in session. And because of that focus, and the collaboration, she works with you to help your body and spirit heal and creates a space for you to be heard.

Nothing is denied or thrown away – if it’s concerning you, it’s concerning her. She goes as quickly as you need or as slowly as you wish, is flexible, and has met all of my needs sometimes before I even know I need it.

I am lucky to have found her. My life is getting back on track because of her patience, her dedication, and her talent and skill as a healer.

I have and will continue to recommend her services to anyone who is open to acupuncture treatments, especially after injury, or dealing with medical professionals who suggest you are beyond help because of their lack of healing mojo.

I guess I could have just said “she’s the awesome-goddess-of-healing” and this review would have been much shorter. But I’m excited to have my life back, and owe it to Cayly and her healing wonderfulness, so I’m prone to gushing about the topic.

Go see her. You life will be touched, you will be transformed, and you will become the better you who is waiting to emerge!”

~Barbara Z.


“I came in with pain surrounding heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. I found Cayly to be highly compassionate and a great listener and before we even started the actual acupuncture, I found myself pretty much telling her my entire life story. Cayly has an amazing ear and sense of understanding and care that just emanates from her, making me feel safe and nurtured. I saw her for about four sessions and I always looked forward to the appointment because of her positive and calming energy. We made great progress with my feet/heel pain and I attribute it fully to my treatments with her. I would highly recommend Cayly for anyone seeking acupuncture treatment.”

~Lindsay F.


“Cayly is amazing! Her ability to find out what your needs and issues are, and resolve them is unparalleled. I always leave feeling very well cared for.”

~Benjamin F.


“Cayly was wonderful. Very Attentive, really took the time to get to know me and my needs and why I had come for acupuncture to insure I got the treatment I needed.”



“Cayly was all I could ask for. Her space is comfortable and inviting. She is confident and skilled at what she does. She was thorough, and walked me through the process in a smooth and easy way. I can’t recommend her enough. “

~Nathan S.


“I am certainly a proponent of acupuncture after having a positive experience and would certainly recommend the treatment to others. Initially my reason for trying acupuncture was pain related but I’ve seen other positive results as well, including noticeable improvements in pain, better sleep, and reduced stress. Acupuncture is certainly a holistic treatment modality. Cayly’s approach is very patient centered and she truly seems to care about my well being. I would absolutely recommend her to friends and family.”

~Mark V.


“My experience with Cayly has so far been a very positive experience. I came to her for tendonitis in my arm after working on and off with three other acupuncturists who were not able to give me the relief I needed. I wasn’t sure if I could improve my symptoms. Cayly had a really confident, positive attitude and approached my problem in thorough, conscientious manner. After the first treatment, I noticed improvement and have been seeing her on a regular basis since then. I would recommend her to anyone dealing with difficulties and have recommended her to family and friends.”



“I have been getting treated by Cayly for over a year now and I find her to be an excellent healthcare provider.  She is very personable, knowledgeable, and outgoing.  I find this combination to work well with what she does. I have been seeing her off and on for a L. hip issue. It usually only takes one to two visits before I’m feeling like my old self again. She always seems to know exactly where I need to be treated, she is never rough, and I love the space she practices in very warm and inviting. I highly recommend her.”

~Rob B.


“I had the pleasure of being treated by Cayly, she’s very warm and personable. She walked me through my patient history and helped me uncover some things to possibly treat that I hadn’t even considered. Located in a beautifully remodeled craftsman home, the environment is both professional and very accommodating. I felt great results right after the treatment and even better the next day! I look forward to continued treatments from Cayly.”