Curious & Curiouser Podcast, Episode 89: How the Substances (& Media) We Consume Affect Us in Ways We Don’t Always Realize They Do


Today on the podcast, Tracey and I are talking about all the substances (& media) we regularly consume and asking:  Are they doing what we think they’re doing? We talk about alcohol, caffeine, sugar, podcasts, news, marijuana, and more, and discuss the myriad ways these things might be negatively impacting our lives without us even realizing they’re doing so.

Specific topics discussed include:

  • How alcohol increases anxiety over time even if it can feel like it eases anxiety in the moment
  • My experience with alcohol and anxiety, and how I finally realized these things were linked
  • What I learned from taking a five month break from drinking
  • The importance of experimenting on yourself to build awareness of how you use substances
  • A good question to ask regarding a substance:  What do you think it’s doing for you?
  • Tracey’s experience with diet coke and caffeine in college
  • What happened to my anxiety when I cut out coffee
  • Differences in how we process caffeine
  • Symptoms I see often in my office that point to an alcohol issue
  • The benefits of tracking your alcohol intake
  • How you can overconsume alcohol even if you’re never drunk or intoxicated
  • How excessive alcohol consumption is normalized in our culture
  • How the books, podcasts, and other media we take in affect us in unconscious ways
  • Why you don’t have to a have an addiction to something to have an unhealthy relationship with that thing
  • And more!

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“Hangxiety”:  Why alcohol gives you hangover and anxiety in the Guardian

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