On Stardust, Snake Skins, and Slowing Down: Goal- and Intention-Setting For Procrastinators

2014 is finally upon us. And when I say finally, what I really mean is, “What the hell happened to October, November, and December? Did we skip that part of last year?” Because, seriously. The end of 2013 just sort of flew by. At record pace, from where I’m standing.

And so here I am on January 2nd, sort of wishing I could push pause on time for a day or a week or a month and get my ducks all lined up in preparation for the coming year. Because I lost track of time somehow as 2013 drew to a close.

Either that, or someone pressed fast forward on my life without telling me. Which, ahem, rude.

In any case, I was feeling a bit bad about the fact that I’m still working on goal- and intention-setting for this year until I realized two things:  1) Just because I haven’t yet gotten entirely clear on my goals for this year does not mean I have to wait until December 31, 2014 to start over, and 2) The Chinese New Year doesn’t happen until January 31st. Bonus month!

So, if you’re like me and you’re still working out your goals and desires and intentions for the year ahead, I encourage you to (take a deep breath and) take advantage of these next few weeks. Don’t rush the process.

Let the inherent quiet of the post-holiday rush be your ally, offering you more moments of solitude and serenity, more peaceful nights spent at home instead of out-and-about in celebration- and party-mode.

Because the holidays are crazy. And probably not the easiest part of the year to carve out alone time for some serious introspection. Which is why January is perfect for such things.

According to the Chinese zodiac, we are nearing the end of the year of the Water Snake, which has been largely about transformation, meditation, reflection, and inspiration. It has been a time to shed old skins, release the past, and let go of what no longer serves us in order to move forward lighter, freer, and more deeply in tune with ourselves.

We are approaching the year of the Wood Horse, which is generally more favorable and indicative of good luck and fortune. It is about rebirth, rapid growth, creativity, and decisive action. It’s a time to take what we’ve learned through the transformative energy of the Snake and the meditative capacity of the Water element and apply it in tangible, productive, dynamic ways.

This is why we shed old skins. To let go of that which weighs us down or keeps us small or diminishes our joy. To lighten our load, to enhance our awesomeness, to illuminate our souls.

Because we’re made of effing stardust, you guys. Seriously. STARDUST.

Which sounds cheesy and hokey and poetically-contrived, but is actually the truth.

So, I encourage you to seize upon this final month of Water Snakedom, finish shedding what needs to be shed and do some serious letting go. Of limiting beliefs, of past mistakes, of resentments, of supposed failures, of unfounded fears, of unhealthy habits, of toxic ties, of anything that holds you back or impairs your ability to fully embody your intrinsic badassery.

And then take that Wood Horse by the reins and ride.

(Now, that was cheesy.)

Ask yourself:

What do I want to create, cultivate, and inspire?

How can I experience more joy?

What do I need to release that is no longer serving me?

This year, I’m letting go of old stories I’ve been telling myself about who I am and what I can’t accomplish because of that old identity. I’m releasing past mistakes and times when I’ve been less than self-loving and beliefs that limit my capacity to find joy. I’m letting go of a longtime friendship that no longer serves either of us and has brought us both more pain and heartbreak than happiness in recent months. I’m liberating my fear of failure and my fear of success and my attachment to specific outcomes. And I’m freeing my self-worth from its ties to perfection in any aspect of life.

I want to create joy and abundance and connection. I want to cultivate presence and awareness and wholeheartedness. I want to inspire fearless self-expression and truth.

And relentless, unwavering self-love.

Here’s to the Horse. May this year bring you all the things that you desire and immeasurable amounts of love and joy.