Let’s Stop Apologizing, Shall We?

“The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise.” ~Maya Angelou

In a relatively recent conversation, I discovered that I was harboring some previously unacknowledged guilt for being an ambitious woman with dreams of world domination.

Ok, ok. I don’t really want world domination.


But I do have big dreams and the overwhelming desire to make as meaningful an impact in the world as I possibly can with any and all of the work I’m doing in my business and my life.

Also:  I just changed the word “big” to “meaningful” in the previous sentence, because the goal is not to be famous and well-known to a ginormous amount of people. The goal is to make a difference in the lives of those people who know and work with me now.

Even if that number is 50 people or 15 people or 5 people.

Meaningful impact. That’s the goal.

But I digress.

Because I’m not actually here to write about me. I’m here to write about you. To write to you. To ask you not to abandon your dreams, regardless of how ridiculous and out-of-reach they might feel to you in this moment right now.

I’m here to implore you to name and own and never apologize for the things you desire in your life. Especially if those things bring joy and inspiration and laughter and connection to those around you.

And fine. This might sound cheesy, but I don’t really care. Because I am 100% serious in my request that you give yourself permission to be as ambitious as you want to be, to take up space in this world, to be bold in both your dreams and your actions, to make others uncomfortable with your aspirations.

The world needs more people with good, kind, generous hearts to do big things, to make their mark, to have more of a say in what happens to us all.


So if you’re one of these folks and your dreams are giant in scope, get the fuck after it. And don’t be sorry for doing so. Ever.

Especially if you’re a woman who, like me, got the message at a young age that she wasn’t supposed to have goals or ambitions in the professional sphere, that she was supposed to seek marriage and motherhood and not much else.

Or a man who was told that professional prosperity and financial security should be your top priorities in this life.

Or if you’re neither of these things and have no idea where you fit in at all.

Because these are just a few options among many. And you are allowed to dream outside the traditional boxes of femininity and masculinity and design some intersection of these things that feels the best for you personally. And this design can — and probably should — be dynamic in nature, changing and evolving as you change and evolve, shifting in response to the different seasons of your life.

There is some weird and unfortunate shit happening at the highest levels of government in our country right about now. And the folks in charge are certainly not apologizing for the blind ambition that has led them to where they are. And they are certainly not sorry for the mess they’re making of things.

So let’s stop apologizing for our heart-centered goals and aspirations, for being loving souls with big dreams for ourselves and for each other.


Own your desires. Then surround yourself with other people who are refusing to be sorry for their equally-soulful ambitions.

Because — as I’ve said a million times before — we’re all in this together.

And the world needs us. Now more than ever.

Love to you all today. And on all the days ahead.