Curious & Curiouser Podcast, Episode 99: Attachment Styles, Social Decluttering, Building Intentional Community, & the Power of Leaving the Door Open in Relationships


Well, friends, we’ve only got two episodes of the podcast left, including this one. Whaaaat? I know. It’s coming fast. For this week’s conversation, Tracey and decided it would be fun to revisit some popular topics from past episodes to offer new insights and advice where possible. We’re talking relationships, building intentional community, navigating through conflict in intimate partnerships, and social decluttering. We hope you enjoy this discussion!

Specific topics include:

  • Being intentional about who you surround yourself with
  • Emotions are contagious & the importance of being boundaried
  • Social decluttering and what happens when you can’t declutter someone completely
  • Social decluttering and resentment
  • Cayly’s experience of being socially decluttered recently
  • Allowing relationships to evolve
  • Anxious, avoidant, and secure attachment
  • Misalignment in friendships
  • Unrealistic expectations in relationships and being honest with yourself and each other
  • Emotional pain and physical pain register in the brain in the same way
  • Can we change our attachment styles and become more secure?
  • Tracey’s and my experiences of shifting toward security in our relationships
  • Three possible outcomes for relationships
  • Comfort and safety are not the same thing
  • The power of awareness to change our patterns
  • We will always get triggered
  • How meditation helps us see ourselves more clearly
  • Allowing things to be true instead of resisting them
  • Letting your identity be fluid and ever-evolving
  • Giving your partner room to change and evolve
  • Female friendship in your 30s and 40s can be hard
  • Cultivating community in adulthood
  • On feeling like an outsider
  • Leaving the door open in friendship
  • The power of group healing and workshops
  • And more!

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