Curious & Curiouser Podcast, Episode 98: Emotional Fragility, Curing Anxiety, Cultivating Confidence, & Raising Resilient Kids

emotional fragility

This week, Tracey and I are talking all about emotional fragility, normalizing uncomfortable feelings, tools for navigating difficult emotions, and asking the question:  Can you cure anxiety?

Specific topics discussed include:

  • Why do we treat humans like we’re emotionally fragile?
  • Even babies are not emotionally fragile
  • Why we’re like cockroaches
  • Why anxious is just a feeling state and how it’s beneficial
  • Anxiety is not an illness
  • Relationship between emotional fragility and anxiety
  • Why just wanting the feelings to go away is not actually helpful
  • Helping kids navigate anxiety, around bedtime, etc.
  • Internal vs. external resources
  • Giving kids tools AND validating their feelings
  • All feelings are okay, not all behaviors are helpful
  • How Cayly’s parents responded when she started self-harming
  • Tracey’s experience of being anxious during childhood
  • Limits and empathy are both necessary
  • Sleep training for infants and children
  • The importance of sleep for emotional regulation and confidence building
  • Wants vs. needs
  • Assuming positive intent and not taking things personally
  • Emotional fragility and ego
  • Safe spaces and trigger warnings
  • Are we, as a society, cultivating emotional fragility?
  • Bullying and social power in childhood
  • Benefits of intentionally seeking discomfort
  • Safety vs. comfort
  • Being a highly sensitive person and the importance of boundaries/emotional armor
  • Why we shouldn’t label our children
  • And more!

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