Why I Practice Acupuncture

Why I Practice Acupuncture

Nine years ago, I almost threw in the proverbial towel on my life.

I’d spent the previous decade struggling with depression, anxiety, low self-worth, poor body image and disordered eating, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts. I was wildly unhappy and unconvinced that I would ever be otherwise for more than a fleeting moment.  I felt isolated and alone, was plagued by insecurity and self-doubt, and could not conceive of a future that was not as riddled with inner turmoil as my past had been.

Apple-Blossom_DSC0051Enter acupuncture.

Acupuncture saved my life.

I mean that quite literally. It brought me out of a deep and debilitating depression, gave me a glimpse into a future not dominated by despair, and showed me there were solutions for the challenges with which I was struggling.

Acupuncture gave me hope. For someone ready to give up on her life, that was HUGE.  And profoundly life changing

Ultimately, acupuncture gave my life purpose. Or, should I say, led me to my life’s purpose.

I became an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner to be the resource for others I wish I’d had much earlier in my life, to reach those individuals suffering with the same or similar struggles I’d found myself silently facing for so many years.

Prior to my first appointment, I had no idea acupuncture could effectively treat depression and anxiety. I had no idea it could help me overcome self-destructive patterns and behaviors.

I thought acupuncture only treated pain.

Why didn’t I hear about acupuncture sooner? Why didn’t I know it was even an option in my case?

People need to know they have options.

You need to know you have options.

And that sometimes the most seemingly unconventional ones are actually the most effective.

Acupuncture works.

In my study of this medicine over the past several years—as patient, as student, and as practitioner—my understanding of just what acupuncture and Chinese medicine can offer has inevitably grown and expanded.

Acupuncture helps you lead a fuller life.Happiness

It fosters self-actualization and creativity.

It allows you to do more of what you love and be more of who you are as a result.

Maybe this happens—as it did for me—by lifting the veil of depression and self-doubt to help you see the world through a brighter and more beautiful lens.

Maybe it’s by healing an injury and allowing you to return to running or hiking or cycling or skiing—activities that are essential to who you are at your core and without which you feel a little less like yourself.

Maybe it’s the elimination of frequent and debilitating headaches that have previously left you incapacitated and unable to be fully present and productive in your life.

Maybe it’s through improvements in sleep and digestion, which lead to increased amounts of energy—both physical and mental—available for your relationships, your children, your job, and your creative passions.

Maybe it’s by easing, eliminating, or reversing the symptoms of chronic disease, enabling you to live more fully and vibrantly even in the face of long-term illness.

Or maybe it’s relief from stress and release of tension, which has ripple effects into every other aspect of your life, allowing you to derive more enjoyment out of everything you do and improve your overall health in a vast variety of ways.

Acupuncture treats so much more than pain.

Acupuncture saved my life.  And it continues to serve as an essential aspect of my efforts to bring about the fullest expression of my being on a daily basis.

I practice this medicine to help you do the same.

Acupuncture helps you be you at your best.  And the world needs that version of you.

Because the more of us there are living in a state of exuberance, vitality, self-love, and joyful self-expression, the better this world will be as a result.